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Macro Infinity Tankless Gas Water HeatersThe Macro Infinity gas geysers are tankless gas water heaters, these are ideal for the way providing constant hot water flow for a far more affordable price than electric geysers, along with many other advantages.

Advantages of Continuous Flow Gas Water Heaters

  • Endless hot water.
  • Reduce your running costs.
  • Direct use of gas is energy efficient.
  • Avoid the risk of ever having to replace a burst geyser, element or thermostat.
  • Gas is convenient and environmentally friendly.


Tankless Versus Storage Tank


  • Macro Infinity provides a continuous flow of hot water that will virtually never run out.
  • Water is heated only when required, saving energy and money.
  • Compact, saving you valuable space in your home. Most systems are externally mounted.

Storage Tanks

  • Storage tank has limited hot water supply.
  • Storage tanks must constantly reheat the water whether you need it or not, wasting energy.
  • Storage units are bulky, taking up valuable space and are usually placed in ceilings.


Digital controllers let you control the temperatures of your hot water with absolute precision. In most cases, you’ll just set and forget. But if you want to adjust the hot water temperature, perfect control is at your fingertips.

Tankless Gas Water Heaters
Tankless Gas Water Heaters
Tankless Gas Water Heaters
Model Eco-MI 65-24 Lt/M Eco-MI 85-30 Lt/M
Domestic / Commercial Domestic Commercial
Suitable For Apartments or 2+ bath homes 2+ bath homes, restaurants, Sport Clubs, Large Volumes
Hot Water Capacity 2.5L – 24L / min 2.5L – 30L / min
Efficiency 89.7% 89.7%<
Height 590mm 590mm
Width 384mm 384mm
Depth 181mm 181mm
Weight 20 kg 20 kg
Water Pressure kpa 20 min / 1000 max 20 min / 1000 max
Water Flow Min 2.5L / min 2.5L / min
Gas Type LPG / NG LPG / NG
Controllers Yes Yes
Installation Type External External