Paloma Tankless Water Heater

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Paloma Tankless Water Heater

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Continuous Flow
The entire family can shower consecutively, or multiple showers run at once without running out of hot water.

Reduced Cost
Only pay for the hot water you use. Running costs are significantly reduced by eliminating the storage of hot water, this also gives the user more control. The Paloma tankless water heater is up to 87% energy efficient** and very low maintenance.

Compact Design
This type of tankless water heater has a compact and neat design where no additional flues, chimney’s or covers are required. The device is installed outside and takes up little space

All Paloma water heaters are made from high quality materials as well as laboratory tested on production to ensure consistent and precise operation.

Made for South African Conditions
Paloma 20 and 26 l/min models have been specifically designed to suit South Africa’s climate and altitude variations, ensuring the highest efficiency for each region.

These units work excellently with mixers on water outlets.

Safety and the Environment

The burning of gas has been found to be a cleaner process than when electricity is generated from coal***. Paloma units exceed all South African and international safety standards, and ensure that gas is used efficiently as well as safely.

Paloma units can be installed on existing or new solar systems to boost or backup solar water. Turn off your electric tank and pay for as much extra hot water you require.

Model PH-20 PH-26
Capacity 2.5 – 20l/m 2.5-26l/m@ 25
Gas Consumption (min-max) LPG 0,41-3.1kg/hr NG 21 – 153 MJ/hr LPG 0,33-3.9kg/hr NG 19 – 199 MJ/hr
Electric Consumption (W) 61@230V 64@230V
Dimensions (H x W x D) 520 x 350 x 150mm 565 x 350 x 195mm
Weight (kg) 17.0 20.8
Ignition & Combustion System Continuous electronic spark with low NOx emission burner Continuous electronic spark with low NOx emission burner
Minimum Water Pressure 80kPa 80kPa
Maximum Water Presure 1000kPa 1000kPa
Gas & Water Connections ¾” or 20mm ¾” or 20mm


Flame-safe Protection Systems
A Paloma safety protection feature that automatically shuts down the Paloma continuous flow water heater should a fault occur.

You are in Control
Optional intelligent soft touch control pads allow easy setting of safe water temperature. Deluxe controllers also offer a “bath fill” mode and shut off safety features.

Homes with a greater demand for hot water or where the ambient water temperatures are low, two units can be linked together using Paloma EZ-link system to deliver twice the flow.

Hot Water Delivery
Intelligent hot water delivery using sensor controlled heating to ensure contestant water temperature and ensuring only the minimum amount of gas is used at any time.

ICAD Safety (Incomplete Combustion Avoidance Device)
Sensor that monitors combustion products, if excessive levels are reached the unit will shut down ensuring no harmful by-products are emitted.

Energy Star Qualified
ENERGY STAR products are the most energy efficient choices available to the consumer. Paloma GWH’s are rated as some of the most energy efficient units available.

For peace of mind, let Ecoblue Gas Products arrange an installation with a selected and registered LPGSA Gas technician to ensure safe, correct operation to comply legally and to qualify for the one year warranty.

Or click on LPGSA’s site to select your own area specific registered installer