Gas Water Heating Solutions

Gas water heating for domestic and commercial hot water.

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Gas Water Heaters


All our Products are:

  • SABS Compliant and also tested to SANS 1539:2005
  • Appliance verification permits also available on all sizes from: The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of SA (LPGSASA).
  • Automatic operation without pilot light, the LPG Gas burner ignites upon opening the hot water tap hence providing instant hot water, closing the tap will immediately cut off the gas supply and extinguish the flame.
  • Full safety protection if the flame in the water heater is unexpectedly extinguished. The pulse igniter will immediately re-light the flame.


Your gas geyser ignites, heats and provides instant hot water as soon as you open the tap. When the ho water tap is closed the igniter extinguishers. Gas water heaters are also the most effective and cost efficient water heating method.