Atlas Gas Water Heater

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Benefits of the Atlas Gas Water Heater

  • Replace electric geyser with an Atlas Instant L P G
  • Water heater & Save 70 % of your energy cost & Enjoy
  • Instant and never-ending economical hot water.
  • Energy efficient, water is only heated when required.
  • “Eco” Blue fuel source, reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Hot water available off the power “alert” grid.
  • Long lifespan & no risk of burst geyser.
  • No pilot flame-instant pulse ignition.
  • Simple & safe.
  • The future of domestic hot water.
  • Affordable capital expense.
  • Full South African warranty
  • SABS & SANS1539-2005
  • LPGSA certified

Suitable for use in:
A gas water heater is suitable for domestic houses & insurance claims, townhouses, duplexes, flats, laundries, workshops, factories, holiday resorts, caravan parks, game farms, guest houses, hotels, low cost housing, service stations, farms and doctors rooms.

Gas Water Heater

Atlas Gas Geyser

Instant and never-ending Economical Hot Water Supply

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Sizing Recommendations:
6 Lt/min: Small kitchen or basin/camping
8 Lt/min: Normal kitchen
10 Lt/min: Laundry, small bathroom
12 Lt/min: Bathroom with shower
16 Lt/min: Full bathroom/household
20 Lt/min: Household with two full bathrooms
20 Lt Turbofan: Full household with remote temp control & microprocessor controlled variable burners

Product Code
& Flow rate
Kg/Hr Max
Heating Cost
per lt
L, W, H
Water Delivery
Per Hour
6 lt/min 1.11 .055 53x35x16.5 270
8 lt/min 1.6 .056 64x41x24.5 360
10 lt/min 1.93 .058 70.5x39x25 450
12 lt/min 2.29 .056 72x39x25 540
16 lt/min 3.02 .057 93x46x26 720
20 lt/min 3.77 .057 88×50.3×26.7 900

Atlas Constant Temperature Turboflow

One of the limitations of the standard natural draft units is that the faster the flow the lower the temperature. This meant that if you ran two showers they were too cold or if you ran one it was too hot.

Forced fan constant temperature units are available that counteract this but the fan runs off mains power and this means during load shedding you have no hot water.

Introducing new to the South African market, our 16lt natural draft, constant temperature unit. It requires no mains power and irrespective of Eskom will supply 16-5lt/min water at a CONSTANT TEMPERATURE.

You set the required temperature on its digital control and whether you are running a bath, shower, two showers, kitchen or basin tap; the temperature remains the same. You are also able to set it at a higher temperature for your bath and add cold water to have your shower.

This is good news as not only can it run the whole house more like an electrical geyser but is also not Eskom dependent.

These have been available in Europe and are built to the EU standards and we have the LPGSA compliance certificate for them.

For peace of mind let Ecoblue Gas Products arrange an Installation with selected and Registered LPGSA Gas technician to ensure safe, correct operation to comply Legally and to Qualify for the one year Warranty. Or click on LPGSA’s site to select your own area specific registered installer