Ecoblue Gas Products is an authorised service agent of Paloma products.

Paloma offers: 

- 20lt exterior

- 26lt Ecomax exterior

27lt interior 


The Paloma gas geysers can use an electric controller to adjust your water temperature & automatically dispense your bath to your desired level.

These Turbofan Geysers use a maximum of 67W at 240V whilst operating (That's less than 1 energy saving light-bulb), & 4W in standby.


Paloma Gas Geysers



Rinnai produces over 12 million gas appliances every year, which are
distributed to all parts of the world.

Backed by extensive warranties and
fully qualified after-sales teams, Rinnai is proud to be the No.1 choice for gas water heating systems world wide. They
 offer solutions to fulfill any requirement. Their products also support existing alternate water heating systems.

Rinnai uses innovative manufacturing
and testing techniques resulting in
uncontested levels of safety, comfort
and efficiency. By heating only the
water you require as you need it, you
are assured of never running out of
stored, hot water.


Rinnai Gas Geyser Specs

Heat Exchanger: 3 years
Mechanical Components: 1 Year
Electrical: None


Rinnai Gas Geysers

To experience all the benefits of Continuous Flow hot water systems, Rinnaistrongly recommends installing Water Controllers with all models. Rinnai's Controllers enable you to simply set your derired temperature, turn on the hot tap and and enjoy... no more juggling the hot and cold taps and of course this also saves water.



Delta Gas Geysers


Contact us for more information on these exciting new products.


Atlas Gas Geysers

The Atlas Grey Series Gas Geyser is the updated version of the standard Atlas Gas Geyser. It features a reduced carbon footprint, instant pulse ignition and an energy saving of up to 60%.

The Atlas Turbofan Gas Geyser uses a complimentary controller which has a microprocessor. This allows the user to auto adjust the water temperature and use self diagnostics to easily understand any error codes. The built in turbofan increases the combustion efficiency.


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