Gas Geyser Repairs

Guaranteed Best Service & Prices For Repairs

For Gas Geyser Repairs we are able to send out one of our certified gas installers to assess your gas geyser. Should you be outside our area you can courier your gas geyser to us for repairs.

Ecoblue Gas Products is available to do all gas geyser maintenance and servicing. Don’t wait for your geyser to have down time in winter. Bring your gas water heaters to us for a full service and if required a repair. We are qualified to repair most gas water heaters available is South Africa.

It is not safe or advisable for you to try and repair a gas water heater yourself. You will lose your warranty which leads to the effect of your house holder insurance.

Gas Geyser Repairs

  • Every repair we do is individually quoted at a reasonable price.
  • Once the repair is complete we test that there are no gas or water leaks and that the unit meets our high quality standards.
  • Contact us for more information on your specific repair.

Contact us for assistance with your Gas geyser repair and replacements.


Some repairs we have done:

Burst water pipe
Before:                                                                  After:
WP_20140906_14_35_59_Pro WP_20140908_14_16_27_Pro

Broken Diaphragm
Before:                                After:
Gas Geyser Repairs WP_20150715_15_58_01_Pro