Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I smell gas?

1. Turn off gas supply at cylinders or gas meter 2. Do not operate any electrical appliances including Cell Phones 3. Do not ignite a flame or sparking device. 4. Ventilate the area. 5. Check for leaks as detailed in the manual supplied. If odour persists, contact Ecoblue Gas Products or a gas technitian immediately.

What is the main advantage of a Gas Geyser?

With a gas geyser you have endless hot water, whereas an electric or solar system limits you to the size of the holding vessel (usually a 150lt or 200lt tank) these also take time to heat up and require electricity.

What is the Difference between a Gas geyser or Gas Water Heater?

They are the same thing. It warms up the water as it passes the flame and goes direct to your hot water tap. There is NO holding tank or vessel.

What is a bad gas installation?

When it comes to a DIY gas geyser installation, its unwise to try and do it your self, these are not only dangerous but illegal. You must use a certified Gas Installer for the installation which makes it safe, legal and you will then be covered for Warranty and Insurance.

Will the Paloma Work when there is a Power Outage?

No it will not work, however; since its' power draw is so low you are able to run it off a UPS, inverter or Soundwave Generator. NOTE: The UPS and inverter will also protect your gas geyser from power surges and lightning.

Why does the Paloma use Electricity?

The Paloma is an advanced Gas water heater which has a Micro Processor and a fan. The Microprocessor carries out multitude advantageous processes i.e. changing the gas usage when using different water flow rates. e.g) When you open a Bathroom basin it uses less water than a kitchen sink or a shower. So the Microprocessor measures the flow rate which then changes the flame height used to warm the water to the indicated temperature that you have chosen on you keypad. The fan force feeds the gas which also gives the geyser better combustion.

What is a Standard Gas Geyser?

The Standard Geyser works off gas and water and uses D size torch batteries to ignite. It is known as a Diaphragm gas water heater.

What is the cost comparison for a Gas Geyser vs Electric Geyser?

The comparison to the cost of electricity with gas per unit is the incorrect way to work out which is more cost effective. Electricity runs 24/7 when you have power supply. Whereas, the Gas Water heater only uses energy when the tap is open. With the Standard Gas water heater you don’t use electricity at all, so when there is no electricity you can still have a hot shower.

What kind of savings can I expect with a gas geyser?

We have found that households usually cut their electricity bill to 60% of the origional average amount. If we add on the average monthly gas expenditure you're looking at about 40% savings. Remember: You will save even more money in summer.

Can I install my own gas geyser? (I'm quite handy)

Gas water heaters need to be installed by certified gas installers. These installers know the rules for a certificate of compliance, which is necessary for your safety and for your home insurance to remain valid.
Doing your own installation is not cost effective nor is it safe. You will not receive a certificate of compliance if you attempt the installation.

What is the difference between a single installation and a double installation?

A single installation has one pigtail which is connected to a gas regulator, this regulator is then connected the LP gas bottle. When your gas bottle is empty, you need to disconnect the old, empty bottle and connect a new, full bottle. A double installation has two pigtails that are connected to a gas regulator with a switch-over valve. Two gas bottle can be connected on this installation so that one bottle is used at a time until it is finished, then you can switch over to the the next bottle and replace the old, empty bottle at your convenience. Please note: DO NOT leave the pigtails hanging and not attached to the LPG Bottles.
The “O” rings perish and will create a GAS LEAK. It must be attached to a LPG Bottle at all times

Do I need to service my gas geyser?

1. The standard gas water heater (E.G: Atlas, Dewhot, Kexin, Zero and Totai) will need a service every two years, these have rubber seals and a diaphragm that wears out over time. If you are not getting your normal supply of hot water, it is a sign of needing a repair, we will also clean it and service it at the same time. 2. Electronic gas geysers need to be protected from lightning and power surges. Like any appliance, this is covered with the warranty. Ecoblue Gas Products will repair your Paloma and Rinnai gas geysers, the Atlas Turbo Fan can also be repaired if part availability permits it, this depends on the age of the model. 3. The Electronic/Turbo Fan Gas Geysers do not have chimneys and are outside geysers. They are stylish and not bulky as per the Electric.

Are Gas Geysers safe?

Yes, our products are safe. All brands have a variety of safety sensors that will shut off the flow of gas if triggered. If you smell gas or encounter other issues, turn off the gas supply on the bottle and call your certified installer. If you are unable reach your installer, please contact us to send a replacement installer at a small call out fee. Gas bottles include a cage with 3 open mesh sides and mettle roof. A restraint can be added for safety in households with children. Do not tamper with the inside of a gas water heater, this will void the warranty. This risks damage to the geyser, your property and is not safe. Gas geysers do have safety features for this reason.