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Why Should I Switch to a Gas Geyser?

  • Continuous Flow
    The entire family can shower consecutively, or multiple showers can operate simultaneously without running out of hot water*.


  • Reduced Cost
    Only pay for hot water used. No storage of hot water which can significantly reduce running costs and gives greater control to the user. Our gas geysers are energy efficient and require basic yearly maintenance.


  • Compact Design
    Outdoor or indoor installation, no tanks in/on roofs or taking up space. Compact and neat, we is committed to providing the highest quality products. Each unit is tested upon production and further laboratory tested to ensure consistent, precise operation and reliability.


  • Safety & Environment
    Burning of gas is a cleaner process than when electricity is generated from coal***. With low NOx emissions,our products exceed all South African and International safety standards which ensures that gas is used efficiently and safely.****


  • Quality
    All of our water heaters are made from high quality materials that are laboratory tested on production to ensure consistent and precise operation.


  • Made for South African Conditions
    Our gas geyser models have been specifically designed and chosen to suit South Africa’s climate and altitude variations, ensuring the highest efficiency for each region. High Quality metals and powder coated casings are perfect for coastal applications.


  • Solar Boost Ready
    Some units can be installed on existing or new solar systems to boost or backup solar water. Turn off your electric tank and only pay for as much extra hot water when required.


  • Mixer Taps
    Our Gas Geysers work effectively with mixer taps, leading flow rates allow for accurate and consistent mixing.


  • Water Saving
    Built in water saving features give a high rating on international Energy Efficiency Standards.

  • Flame-safe Protection Systems
    A Paloma safety protection feature that automatically shuts down the Paloma continuous flow water heater should a fault occur.

  • You are in Control
    Optional intelligent soft touch control pads allow easy setting of safe water temperatures. Deluxe controllers also offer a ‘bath fill\ mode and auto water shut-off.

  • EZ-Link
    For greater hot water demand or where ambient water temperatures are very low, two Paloma units can be easily linked together using Paloma EZ-Link system to deliver twice the flow.

  • Hot Water Delivery
    Intelligent hot water delivery using sensor controlled heating to ensure contestant water temperature and ensuring only the minimum amount of gas is used at any time. This also ensures only +/- 3°C temperature fluctuation.

  • ICAD Safety (Incomplete Combustion Avoidance Device)
    Paloma protection sensor that monitors combustion products. If excessive levels are reached the unit will shut down ensuring no harmful by-products are emitted.

  • Energy Star Qualified
    Internationally certified Energy Star products rate Paloma GWH’s as some of the most energy efficient units available.